Parking fee for using the area for training:

Oblate must be placed in the car window

  • Fee pr. day members: NKr. 61,-
  • Fee pr. day not members: NKr. 71,-
  • Fee pr. season members: NKr. 601,-
  • Fee pr. season not members: NKr. 701,-

To pay less parking fee you need to have full membership (not supportive)

Vipps 84375 or bank account no. 1865.20.15855.

Or: IBAN: NO 4418652015855, BIC/SWIFT: SHEDNO22

If you want to be a member can you pay dues to the bank account

No. 1865.20.15855.

Or: IBAN: NO 4418652015855, BIC/SWIFT: SHEDNO22

Note your payment with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Club membership prices:

  • Nkr. 500,- family
  • NKr. 250,- per person from 17 years +
  • Nkr. 100,- junior up to 16 years
  • Nkr. 100,- supportive membership



CHANGE OF TRAILS ARE FINISHED AROUND NEWYEAR. The trails are not marked correctly right now. We are working in the trails. Be careful. 

Trails from 3 k - 23 k are made by the big pistemachine. Longdistance trail is made with scooter. You can see when the trails are groomed here:

Start and finish are between the club house and the garage. All teams train in the same direction. When you want to get back home turn right in the trail. Some trails are crossing the XC-trail 3-4 times. Slow down and be aware !

No training between 21.00 - 08.00 Monday - Saturday, and between 21.00 - 09.00 Sunday. No training at December 25. and January 1.

Free dogs shall not disturb others.

Try to keep your dogs as quiet as possible. Drop dogs only when you are present. Do not walk your dogs in the cabin area.

All dogshit at the arena shall be picked up before start. It is highly appreciate that you bring your garbage to the garbage point close to the ski-arena (the club pay for using those bins) Take left when you get down to the road. Follow the road 400 m and you se the garbage bins right BEFORE the road tax (dont drive trough, or you have to pay)

Enjoy !